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Online Book-Search

Our Modeling Handbook  
(Compendium of Enterprise Architect from SparxSystems)

is available as print version only. Nevertheless, to be able to search
within the book, we have provided an online Book-Search.

Select your book from the list of available books and write a word
in text box to search for this word within the selected book.

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Sparx Pro Cloud | Encrypted Connection String

If you want to connect Enterprise Architect with Cloud Services or Pro Cloud Server – where no user credentials are part of connection string – because you should use IIS for authentification – then it may make sense to encrypt the Connection String as it is possible with DBMS Connection Strings.

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LemonTree 1.4 released

LemonTree – The Diff & Merge Solution for Enterprise Architect.

LemonTree (c) by LieberLieber, the diff & merge solution for Enterprise Architect models, has grown to maturity. It is already supporting a host of customers in the automotive domain, meeting their team collaboration AND versioning challenges.

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Use any number of custom tags during report generation

The report generator allows you to configure any number of custom tags for the entire project. 
In order to use these custom tags in an RTF template, the value of this tag can now be inserted in an RTF template at any point via the context menu [Project Constants>

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Modell-Suche Scripten

Sometimes a question can not be answered with a single SQL query. In order to still use the model search, the search can also be scripted.

We write a script (mySearchScript) and programmatically run through the model. In the script itself we can of course use SQL queries (myQuery).

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Important Permissions in EA and their Meaning

This article describes the at least necessary permission granted to an EA user. (more…)

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Diagramm-Objekt bei Doppelklick im Output-Fenster programmatisch selektieren und fokussieren

With the EA API we can do a lot of automation. For example, we can programmatically select one or more model elements in a diagram. Specifically, we select the graphical representation of model elements, the diagram objects. A frequently used application is to programmatically write information to the output window and double-click on a line in the Output window to display the model element in question in the Project Browser or in a diagram.

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Formatted notes when using SQL in fragment templates

Fragment Template

A fragment template is an RTF template, which can be called from another RTF template. This increases the re-usability of the templates and the flexibility to generate documents.

When the template fragment is called, the ID of the currently edited model element and the ID of the package in which the model element is located or the ID of a diagram is passed.

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* NEUES BUCH * Kompendium zu Enterprise Architect von Sparx Systems – Auflage für EA 13.5

In Kürze erscheint eine komplette Neufassung unseres Klassikers.

zu Enterprise Architect von Sparx Systems

Das Buch wurde komplett neu gestaltet.
Hier finden sie die aktuelle Kapitelstruktur.
Diese Auflage hat 352 Seiten. Es steckt allerdings mehr Inhalt darin als in der letzten Auflage.

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Create new TFS Team Project using Visual Studio

This article describes the setup and configuration of a new Team Project within an existing TFS Team Project Collection using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 (German).

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