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Sparxsystems Software GmbH is the licensee of Sparxsystems Ltd. SparxSystems and Enterprise Architect are registered trademarks.

With the Sparxsystems Software GmbH users will have a direct contact within the european country.

Sparsystems offers their customers a perfect assistance for the well known UML Modeling Tool “Enterprise Architect”. This will help you getting your EA licence as well as we offer you whitepapers, help through the installing process and we are offering EA trainings (for UML, SysML, BPMN, a.o.) and customized Enterprise Architect Workshops, which can be also realised within you company.

A tool is only as good as the craftsman who’s using it.

With our training you will learn from our experienced coaches, which are all professionals and specialists in the area of UML Modeling with Enterprise Architect. It is the easiest way to get the most out of your application, based on your experience level and your requirements.

For further assistance we especially started the Sparxsystems Blog Europe.
Here you will find the newest informations and posts, FAQ’s and help about our UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect. You will also find the newest updates and informations of 3rd party tools, instruction videos, howto’s and we will support you the best way we can – to assist you getting the most out of Enterprise Architect.

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect is a team based graphical tool which will help you building robust and maintainable software with a high quality documentation output. It is your perfect partner to manage complex information, design and visualize software, or build and deploy diverse systems.

Enterprise Architect from Sparxsystems is an UML modeling software for highest flexibility and requirements.

About this Blog

Sparxsystems Software Gmbh has started a blog called Sparxsystems Europe Blog for their high level UML modelingsoftware Enterprise Architect.

This platform will help you through your daily work with EA. You will be updatet about new versions, security updates and all other important informations about Enterprise Architect as well as their 3rd party tools.
With the function “comment” you can easily be a part of the discussion.

All articles and posts are in a chronological order, so you will always find the newest entries at the top of each page or category.
Surely you can also search through our archives, which are ordered monthly.

Our english “Sparxsystems RSS Feed” is the easiest way to keep an overview about all our newest posts and articles. You can also use the Sparxsystems Twitter Feed, founded on www.twitter.com/sparxsystems.

The Sparxsystems Blog should help the developer making the best out of Enterprise Architect and the requirements.