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LemonTree 3.3.0 New Release

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Roadshow Enterprise Architect 16 Agenda

<p><a href=””><img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-9110″ src=”…

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Roadshow Enterprise Architect 16

Register now for the Enterprise Architect 16 Roadshow in Stockholm and Brussels

The value of EA 16 and why to change

Dear EA Community

Enterprise Architect 16 is a highly anticipated upgrad…

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Spring for Shell

Please find below our most recent information regarding the following two Spring vulnerabilities:

  • Confirmed (Critical, CVSS 9.8): CVE-2022-22965 “Spring4Shell” in Spring Core
  • Confirmed (Critical, CVSS 9.8): CVE-2022-2296…

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If you have valid Enterprise Architect maintenance, free mail support is included with no guaranteed response time.

We aim to answer these questions within 2 business days.

It is often the case that the answer is needed more quickl…

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Please find below our statements regarding the recent Log4j vulnerability.



Enterprise Architect and it’s supporting products such as Pro Cloud Server do not use the log4j modul…

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Allow Free Sorting

Wir empfehlen dringend die folgende Einstellung bei allen Clients zu übernehmen, ohne dieser kommt es zu unerwarteten Ergebnissen bei der Sortierung der Einträge im „Project Browser“.

Zu finden ist diese unter: Start -> Desktop -> Pr…

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Sparx Systems veröffentlicht EA 16.0 BETA

Die neue Version enthält eine vollständige 64-Bit-Implementierung und erweitert Leistung, Speicher und die Fähigkeiten erheblich.

Enterprise Architect 16 stellt einen wichtigen Meilenstein in der Entwic…

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Sparx Systems Announces EA 16.0 BETA release annoncement

Enterprise Architects includes a 64 bit implementation which dramatically expands performance, memory and capability.

Being a much anticipated upgrade, Enterprise Architect 16 is a major milestone in the product’s evolution. The Upgrade to…

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Allow Free Sorting

We urgently recommend applying the following setting to all clients, without it there will be unexpected results when sorting the entries in the “Project Browser”.

You can find it under: Start -> Desktop -> Preferences -> General -…

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