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MDG Technology für die Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)

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Enterprise Architect Schnittstelle zu Microsoft Project

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Geschäftsprozesse modellieren mit der UML 2

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Service-Orientiertes Modellierungs-Framework ™ in Enterprise Architect

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Service Orientierte Architekturen (SOA) mit Enterprise Architekt modellieren

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Model Driven Architecture (Model Transformations)

Enterprise Architect supports the proposed OMG standard MDA
EA provides a template based approach to transform platform independent models (PIM) into platform specific models (PSM). The PIM is a higher level conceptual mode…

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Keystore/Floating licenses in Enterprise Architect 7.5 (up to Build 850)

Included in delivery: SSKeyStore.exe – an installation program compatibe with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7. The installation program installs a program of the same name with which Keystores can be built and maintained. The current status of t…

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Keystore Manager

Floating licenses are licences stored in a keystore from which they can be checked out by Enterprise Architect users who use floating licenses to temporarily access Enterprise Architect.

The keystore: The keystore can be operated as a file…

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Modeling Assistants Part 8

Automatic Connector-Style Application: This plugin made by our sister company LieberLieber provides the possibility to configure connector style information for a combination of connector-type, diagram-type, source and target elem…

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Modeling Assistants Part 7

Composite Diagram Forward: This plugin made by our sister company LieberLieber automatically opens the diagram of a composite element, when you double click on an element, which type (classifier) is a composite element. Hence, when y…

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