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EALogging: Enterprise Architect Logging Addin

Logging in Enterprise Architect is mostly used during import/export and for error handling. To extend this functionality we created the EALogging addin, which utilizes the Enterprise Architect Automation Interface functions and the parameters passed …

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Keystoreservice online Liste

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The Basic key and remote installation

The whitepaper about Enterprise Architect Deployment shows how to install Enterprise Architect on a remote system and how to set a license key.

But it does not show …

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Extracting the Enterprise Architect MSI file

To run a automated Enterprise Architect installation one needs the MSI file.

How to do this is described in the following Whitepaper: Install Enterprise Architect

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UML in der Praxis (Beispiel Freiwillige Feuerwehr)

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Dual Installation

Anleitung zur Installation zweier Enterprise Architect Versionen auf einem System.

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Missing menu items

Currently we increasingly get request about missing menu items.

This is due to the “Worksape and Commands” settings. These are chosen upon the first start of Enterprise Architect and are frequently dismissed.

But there is a feature to change th…

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Floating key expiration date

“A floating key has got an expiration date? Why and why didn’t the system give me an reminder so I can purchase a new one!”

We often get this or similar reactions, here now how it really works.

The floating key was enabled b…

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Enterprise Architect Shortcuts

Today we found a small and useful list of the Enterprise Architect shortcuts.

Download: EA shortcuts card

Thanks to:

Juanjo Ramírez Amenedo (Read more ›

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Läuft der WAN-Optimizer?

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