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Setup Training Licenses

Setting up time-limited Enterprise Architect floating licenses for the duration of a training course.

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MDG Integration for Microsoft® Office: Works only with English Office Installation

The current version (1.2.24) of MDG “Integration for Microsoft® Office” only works correctly with an English version of Microsoft® Office.

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The TREX18 MDG (Tom’s Requirement Engineering eXtensions for ISO 9126) represents a standard-compliant extension of the SysML and offers specialized requirement and stakeholder model elements that are based on the ISO Standard 9126.

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Grid Style Diagrams

From EA-16 on you can build a Spreadsheet, a Dashboard, even a Home Page for your model with the new Grid Style diagram.

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From EA-16, the new scriptlet element can be used to add dynamic aspects to diagrams.

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New File-based Standard Repositories

Sparx Systems introduces with the EA-16 new standard formats for file-based repositories.

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Simplified way of connecting to DBMS repositories

EA-16 offers a simplified connection to DBMS repositories is available as an alternative to ODBC.

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New data exchange format XEA

From EA-16 a new data format (XEA) is available for the more efficient exchange of data between EA repositories.

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Finer control over User Permissions

Starting with EA-16, a new function for configuring user restrictions is available to allow more precise control of a user’s permissions.

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New Model Patterns for Systems Engineering

The library of reusable patterns has been expanded in the EA-16 to increase efficiency and productivity in systems engineering.

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