BPMN with EA: Gateways - Branching Sequence Flow

Useful tips for modeling branching sequence flow in BPMN gateways in Enterprise Architect.

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  • Specifying conditions for branching of the sequence flow (e.g. at the outputs of gateways) must not – as with most other languages in the Enterprise Architect – be done via the field [Guard] of the [Connector Properties] view, but must be set in the view [Tagged Values] in the field [conditionExpression].


  • In your modeling guidelines, set out guidelines and rules on how process modelers must formulate conditions.
  • Define rules and rules in your modeling guidelines as to whether you want to use gateways (along with “normal” sequence flows) or sequence flows that are used instead of gateways.

Additional Information: BPMN Reference: Connecting Objects • BPMN Reference: Gateways • BPMN Overview

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