BPMN with EA: Subprocess Activities

hints for Modeling BPMN Subprocess Activities in Enterprise Architect.


  • The type of subprocess activities is selected via the [Element Properties] view in the field [Type] (section [task]) of the BPMN-specific Tagged Values.
  • The concrete characteristics of subprocess activities are displayed in the [Loop | loopCharacteristics] field in the [Element Properties] view of the BPMN-specific Tagged Values.


  • Always create a (simple) task element (“abstract“) in the diagram first, and in a second step, configure the type and the concrete characteristics.
  • Subprocess activity (subProcess): when creating a new element no child diagram is created for this element; so that one – which shows the individual steps of the sub-process – is available for navigation via a double-click, it must first be created and linked (element context menu: [New Child Diagram | Composite Structure Diagram …]).

Additional Information: BPMN Reference: Subprocess Activities • BPMN Overview

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