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LemonTree 2.3 released

LemonTree – The Diff & Merge Solution for Enterprise Architect.

LemonTree (c) by LieberLieber, the diff & merge solution for Enterprise Archit…

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Modeling Assistents 2.7 released


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Fresh Model Versioning

On September 20th, our sister Company LieberLieber launched their newest product to the public: LieberLieber LemonTree for “Fresh Model Versioning.”

Now, with LemonTree (previously known as “Model Versioner for Enterprise Architec…

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EALogging: Enterprise Architect Logging Addin

Logging in Enterprise Architect is mostly used during import/export and for error handling. To extend this functionality we created the EALogging addin, which utilizes the Enterprise Architect Automation Interface functions and the parameters passed …

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ARTIST: New package online

As a part…

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ARTIST | Open Source Activities

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AMUSE 2.0 released

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EnarSpy: Neues Tool für Entwicklungen von EA Add-Ins

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3rd Party Tools EA: pure::variants

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