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ERROR & SOLUTION: .EAPX Repository mit EA 16 öffnen

If you get the following error message when opening .EAPX repositories with EA 16 64 bit, then you are missing the appropriate drivers.

You can download the drivers Read more ›

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Agile Systems Engineering - Managing Models with Pipelines

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Setup Training Licenses

Setting up time-limited Enterprise Architect floating licenses for the duration of a training course.

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MDG Integration for Microsoft® Office: Works only with English Office Installation

The current version (1.2.24) of MDG “Integration for Microsoft® Office” only works correctly with an English version of Microsoft® Office.

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Grid Style Diagrams

From EA-16 on you can build a Spreadsheet, a Dashboard, even a Home Page for your model with the new Grid Style diagram.

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From EA-16, the new scriptlet element can be used to add dynamic aspects to diagrams.

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New File-based Standard Repositories

Sparx Systems introduces with the EA-16 new standard formats for file-based repositories.

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Simplified way of connecting to DBMS repositories

EA-16 offers a simplified connection to DBMS repositories is available as an alternative to ODBC.

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New data exchange format XEA

From EA-16 a new data format (XEA) is available for the more efficient exchange of data between EA repositories.

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Finer control over User Permissions

Starting with EA-16, a new function for configuring user restrictions is available to allow more precise control of a user’s permissions.

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