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Grid Style Diagrams

From EA-16 on you can build a Spreadsheet, a Dashboard, even a Home Page for your model with the new Grid Style diagram.

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From EA-16, the new scriptlet element can be used to add dynamic aspects to diagrams.

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New Model Patterns for Systems Engineering

The library of reusable patterns has been expanded in the EA-16 to increase efficiency and productivity in systems engineering.

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Problems with standard-compliant connectors?

You want to model a standard-compliant relationship between two elements, but the Enterprise Architect refuses to do so with an error message?

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Diagram Selection - No or Too Few Diagram Types

Sometimes it happens that in the dialog for creating diagram (Add Diagram…, New Child Diagram|…) or changing the type of diagram (Change Type…) the list of diagram types listed under [Type] (eg

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Show Element Notes in Diagrams

The article is aimed at beginners and shows how element notes can be displayed.

Show notes for all items in the chart

(all EA versions)

Open the properties of the diagram (for example, with the diagram…

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Set Association Properties

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Inserts Diagrams into Diagrams

Basically, when working with the Enterprise Architect, diagram objects are never dragged from the Project Browser to an open diagram – with two exceptions:

  • a navigation should be created: pa…
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Basics: Configuration Preferences (EA-13)

The article is intended at beginners and advanced users alike and shows the basic configuration of preferences recommended for Enterprise Architect.

Configuration Dialog for Preferences

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