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Information, HOWTOs, tips and tricks about document / report generation with Enterprise Architect.

Use any number of custom tags during report generation

The report generator allows you to configure any number of custom tags for the entire project. 
In order to use these custom tags in an RTF template, the value of this tag can now be inserted in an RTF template at any point via the context menu [Project Constants>

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Formatted notes when using SQL in fragment templates

Fragment Template

A fragment template is an RTF template, which can be called from another RTF template. This increases the re-usability of the templates and the flexibility to generate documents.

When the template fragment is called, the ID of the currently edited model element and the ID of the package in which the model element is located or the ID of a diagram is passed.

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Search - Excluded Packages from RTF Reports

Suchen und Finden

One reason for models is to easily generate text documentations with one click.

The Project Browser is the source to generate the document. The EA document generator runs through the Project Browser and generates the content of the found model elements.

The Project Browser contains different kinds of information.

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Templates aus der Community

… die Enterprise Architect Community wird immer größer …

Mit Enterprise Architect können beliebige Modelle erstellt werden (UML, SysML, BPMN, SoaML, etc.)
Welche Details, wann und wie erstellt werden sollen gibt jedoch weder das Tool noch die einzelnen Sprachen vor.
Dafür gibt es Literatur in der beschrieben wird wie z.B.

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