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eXtending EA: Tagged Values

When you are working with Tagged Values, you can create your own Custom Tagged Values based on predefined, system-provided Tagged Value Types.

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eXtending EA: MDG Technologies

An MDG Technology is a vehicle for providing access to the resources of either a commercially-available technology or a technology that you have created yourself.

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eXtending EA: Profile Helper Properties

The available Profile Helpers Properties support the design of purposeful profiles.

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eXtending EA: Shape Scripts

When you create a shape using a Shape Script, you define the values of the shape using methods.

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eXtending EA: Shape Script Properties

The various properties of the different EA model objects (elements, connectors, diagrams) are accessible in shape scripts via so-called Shape Script Properties.

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Problems with standard-compliant connectors?

You want to model a standard-compliant relationship between two elements, but the Enterprise Architect refuses to do so with an error message?

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Paket im Reusable Asset Service (RAS) Registrieren

Since EA 15, it has been possible to calculate their dependency when registering packages in RAS and to add all dependent packages to RAS as well.


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Metamodel Constraints umlRole=classifier

Since EA 14, it is possible to define so-called metamodel constraints for UML profiles. In the EA help we find a description of the Read more ›

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Import BPMN Processes from other tools

Business Processes (BPs) created with tools such as Camunda Modeler or Signavio are imported into Enterprise Architect.

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Do you know ... the Gantt View?

The Enterprise Architect feature gives you the ability to clearly display responsibilities and schedules at the model element level.

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