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How do I use Zoom?

Tips for successful participation in our web-based training …

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How do I configure my Zoom workstation?

For the successful completion of our web-based training, the workplaces of the participants must be configured as follows …

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How should I equip my zoom workstation?

For successful completion of our web-based trainings, we recommend the following equipment for the workplaces of the participants …

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Why Zoom?

We chose to use Zoom as the primary technology in our web-based training because …

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How can I test my Zoom setup?

A computer workstation that has been set up to participate in Zoom Meetings can be easily checked for correct function with the help of a test meeting.

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Git-Server auf Synology NAS

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Windows auf eine SSD umziehen

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Test-Windows mit VHDs

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LieberLieber Connector TFS

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Sparx Pro Cloud | Encrypted Connection String

If you want to connect Enterprise Architect with Cloud Services or Pro Cloud Server – where no user credentials are part of connection string – because you should use IIS for authentification – then it may make sense to encrypt the Connection Stri…

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