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Sparx Systems veröffentlicht EA 16.0 BETA

Die neue Version enthält eine vollständige 64-Bit-Implementierung und erweitert Leistung, Speicher und die Fähigkeiten erheblich.

Enterprise Architect 16 stellt einen wichtigen Meilenstein in der Entwic…

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Sparx Systems Announces EA 16.0 BETA release annoncement

Enterprise Architects includes a 64 bit implementation which dramatically expands performance, memory and capability.

Being a much anticipated upgrade, Enterprise Architect 16 is a major milestone in the product’s evolution. The Upgrade to…

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EA 15.2.1560 released

Sparx Systems has released a new build of the Enterprise Architect version 15.2, which users with a valid maintenance contract can download.

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Allow Free Sorting

We urgently recommend applying the following setting to all clients, without it there will be unexpected results when sorting the entries in the “Project Browser”.

You can find it under: Start -> Desktop -> Preferences -> General -…

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EA Global Summit 2021

The EA Global Summit 2021 will take place from September 8-10 as a virtual event. Peter Lieber will present the topic “Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) in Enterprise Architect”. Daniel Siegl will give a presentation titled “LemonTree Compone…

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MBSE als Enabler für die Zusammenarbeit bei Volkswagen

Anlässlich des Prostep Symposiums im Mai 2021 haben haben Hermann Gollwitzer, Software Architect bei Volkswagen AG, und Daniel Siegl von LieberLieber ein Referat gehalten zum Th…

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How to Enter the Trial Extension Key

The EA Trial version is valid for 30 days. If you need more time to evaluate Enterprise Architect, you can request a trial extension from us. You will receive a key which you must enter as follows.

The Continue Trial button is cha…

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International Java Refactoring Days

Refactoring with Models

A presentation at the international Java Refactoring Day.

You can register here…

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HTML Export läuft nicht im Browser? How to fix?

Do you know this picture? HTML page generated in EA and clicked on the View button and then nothing is displayed.

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LemonTree 3.0 Beta New-Release

LemonTree 3.0:
Control your Package Versions!
Request Beta now!

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