The Keystore Manager in detail

The difference between File and/or Service based Keystore will be explained in the following article:

KeyStore – File or Service


This article will explain the parts of the Keystore in detail and will show what you need to run a service based Keystore. But first we will describe the differences between Keystore, Keystore Manager and Keystore Service.

  • The Keystore is a .dat file which contains (encrypted) Enterprise Architect Keys.
    If it’s a file or TCP-Service based access to the Keystore is of no interrest.
  • The Keystore Manage is the UI which allows you to access the Keystore file or TCP-Service to add or update Keys.
  • The Keystore Service is a Windows Service which allows you to access the Keystore via a TCP connection.
    If you install the service on a machine it will be run and create its own Keystore

To operate a Keystore Service it’s necessary to install the Keystore Manager (with the Service) on a Windows Server and open the Port 7770 (default). The Keystore Manager itself (without the Service) can also be installed on a client system for maintainance.

After the installation you can access your Keystore (directly on the server or on a client system) via the Keystore Manager.

For this go to: File → Link to…

and select the Keystore type:

File based or Server/Service based
(when using service you need to enter the hostname oder IP of the Keystore Service machine)


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