Sql Server Connection with TLS 1.2/1.3

switching from TLS 1.0 to 1.2 or 1.3 you need to considder the following in Enterprise Architect.

  1. Make sure you installed the latest Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server
  2. When choosing the “Data Providers” use the “Microsoft OLE DEB Driver for SQL Server” (not the “Provider”)
  3. Later you need to enable “DataTypeCompatibility” because of the changes in data types
    This can only be done by hand, by adding the following to the connection string:
    After creating the DB Connection you can add this string by:

    1. File → Open Project
    2. select the DB connection and open the context menu → Edit connection string
    3. Add: ;DataTypeCompatibility=80 to the end of the connection string and click OK

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