Important Permissions in EA and their Meaning

This article describes the at least necessary permission granted to an EA user.

The permissions necessary to work with the Enterprise Architect (in an agile environment) are:

  • Configure Packages – Configure controlled Packages and Package properties.
  • Generate Documents – Generate document and web reports from model Packages.
  • Generate Source Code and DDL – Generate source code and DDL from a model element, and synchronize code against model elements if it already exists.
  • Lock Elements – Lock an element or Package.
  • Manage Diagrams – Create new diagrams, copy and delete existing diagrams, and publish a diagram as a Pattern.
  • Reverse Engineer from DDL and Source Code – Reverse engineer from source code or ODBC, and synchronize model elements against code.
  • Update Diagrams – Update diagram appearance, properties and layout, including on the ‘Page Setup’ dialog.
  • Update Elements – Save model changes (including deletions) for elements, Packages, and relationships.

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