SQL Search: Which InformationFlow relationship uses element X

EA offers the possibility to search for the model element used in an InformationFlow in the Project Browser.

To do this, select the InformationFlow in the diagram and choose [Find Items Conveyed] from the context menu. With the following SQL query this search is possible:

SELECT t_object.ea_guid as CLASSGUID, t_object.Object_Type as CLASSTYPE, t_object.Name as SourceElementName, t_connector.Connector_ID, 'InformationFlow-ConnectorId' as Description, t_connector.Connector_Type as Type,t_connector.Name as Name
FROM t_xref, t_connector INNER JOIN t_object ON (t_connector.Start_Object_ID = t_object.Object_ID)
WHERE t_xref.Description LIKE '*{51FE4A75-4856-4308-8C1A-94BCE2257A51}*' AND t_xref.Behavior = 'conveyed' AND t_xref.Client = t_connector.ea_guid

This part of the search must be replaced with the GUID of the model element you are looking for: ‘*{51FE4A75-4856-4308-8C1A-94BCE2257A51}*’ The two * are DB wild cards and are required for the LIKE search.
The EA allows you to create SQL queries that check which DBMS is currently being used. So the search can be generic.

More about this in the EA Help.

As an alternative to the self-defined search, the Delete Controller and Dependency Analyzer elements, both part of the Modelling Assistants, also provide information on the InformationFlows for which a model element selected in the diagram or Project Browser is used. In addition, both assistants display all other uses.

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