Remove Replication from a Model Repository

Replication makes many changes to the database structure of your model, so the model file becomes considerably larger with additional information; you might, therefore, decide not to use the Replication feature any more.

Quick Access:

Ribbon: Configure > Model > Check Integrity > Manage .EAP File > Remove Replication

How do I do that?

  1. Running Enterprise Architect, open a temporary file-based repository.
    Important: Do not (!) open that file-based repository for which the Replication feature should be removed!
  2. Select [Ribbon: Configure > Model > Check Integrity > Manage .EAP File > Remove Replication] to start removing replication process.
  3. Press [Next >] to start the process.
  4. Enter the full path and file name of the project to have replication removed; press [Next >] to proceed.
    Note: If the repository displays version number 7.0 this indicates that Auditing feature is enabled. Auditing should be disabled before proceeding (see HowTo or Sparx EA User Guide online).
  5. Enter the full path and file name of the Enterprise Architect base repository (with no replication) to act as template; press [Next >] to proceed.
  6. Enter the full path and required file name for the output file; press [Next >] to proceed.
  7. Select whether to have a log file created and, if so, enter a file name for the log file.
  8. Press [Run] to start removing replication and finish process.

What has just happened?

Enterprise Architect created a new project containing all the model information. Your model has now Replication feature removed, and should be considerably smaller.

And how does it continue?

From now on – for example – it is possible to transfer the file-based repository into a DBMS-based repository using the Projekt Transfer feature.


  • Only file-based repositories can be processed.
  • Currently repositories in FEAP format are not supported

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