Howto setup Sparx Cloud Services

This article describes the default installation and basic configuration of Sparx Cloud Services.

The Sparx Systems Cloud Services application provides a convenient mechanism for hosting EA models. It provides easy access to them by people within your team and, optionally, to external workers (like customers, stakeholders or consultants).
Please note that administrative privileges are required to install and configure the software package.


  1. Download the setup file from the website of the manufacturer .
  2. Start installation process by executing the setup file.
  3. Perform a default installation by accepting all default settings.


The configuration of Sparx Cloud Services is done using the configuration file SSCloudServices.config which can be find in subfolder Service located in the installation path (C:Program Files (x86)Sparx SystemsCloud ServicesService on default installations).

  1. Open the configuration file in a text editor (which must be started as administrator!).
  2. Enter a admin-passwors in SERVER_PASSWORD setting.
  3. All other settings remain unchanged – especially all the SERVER_PORT settings.
  4. Save changes (on fail the editor was not started as administrator).
  5. To work with the changed configuration the Windows service Sparx Systems Cloud Services must be restarted using the Computer Management Console.


A sample for the configuration file SSCloudServices.config:

# Default port for all TCP connections to this service
# including management requests and connections routed
# through the ISAPI module.
# It is not recommended to expose this port outside of
# your private network.

# General server properties.

# If no web server is running on this machine on the default
# http port then this can be changed to 80.

# Warning: There is no security applied to this connection.
# Your models are exposed to anyone. This should only be used
# inside a private network or possibly to allow public access
# to a single model.

# This option allows a single model to be exposed on this
# connection.
# DEFAULT_MODEL=public model
# If no web server is running on this machine on the default
# https port then this can be changed to 443.

# SSL connections are dependent on a private key file (server.pem)
# and a certificate authority certification path file (cacert.pem)
# being in the same directory as the server.
# A cacert.pem is provided, but server.pem needs to be generated
# using the OpenSSL command line utility (provided).

# To require connections to be authenticated against the user
# security for the current model, MODEL_AUTHENTICATION can be
# set to 1.

# The GLOBAL_AUTHENTICATION option can be used to require all
# connections to be validated against user security for a single
# model. To enable it, specify the friendly name of the model
# to validate against. Http users can be added by logging in to
# this model as the administrator and adding security accounts
# as required.

# The following option (which is enabled by default) allows
# access to the requirements in your model using an OSLC
# compliant editor.

(1) port number for administrative access using the management application (SSCloudServicesClient.exe)

(2) passwort for administrative access using the management application (SSCloudServicesClient.exe)

(3) port number für EA client access via HTTP

(4) port number for EA client access via HTTPS

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