BPMN with EA: Call Activities

hints for Modeling BPMN Calling Activities in Enterprise Architect.

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  • The type of call activities is selected via the [Element Properties] view in the field [Type] (section [task]) of the BPMN-specific Tagged Values.
  • The concrete characteristics of call activities are displayed in the [Loop | loopCharacteristics] field in the [Element Properties] view of the BPMN-specific Tagged Values.


  • Always create a (simple) task element (“abstract“) in the diagram first, and in a second step, configure the type and the concrete characteristics.
  • Process call activity (callProcessActivity): ideally, the process to be called already exists together with a child diagram in the model; then the process call element can be linked with the child diagram of the process to be called for double-click navigation (Element context menu: [New Child Diagram | Select Composite Diagram …]).
  • Global Task Calling Activity (callGlobal *** TaskActivity): Attention! If a new global task is created directly from the toolbox in a diagram, the new element is created in the name space of the diagram – regardless of which pool or lane it is stored in; if, on the other hand, a task is created first and then switched to the type callGlobal *** TaskActivity, this element remains as a child element in the pool or lane in which it was stored!
  • Global Tasks: Currently, global task items created directly from the toolbox in a chart are not displayed correctly – the bold border is missing! This must currently be done manually, by marking the element in the diagram and setting the border to the value “2” by means of [Ribbon Layout: Style] (unfortunately, this process must be repeated in every diagram in which this element comes to rest). Therefore, we recommend to first create a “normal” task element (“abstract“) in the diagram and to convert this in a second step to the desired global task type (callGlobal *** TaskActivity).

Additional Information: BPMN Reference: Call Activities • BPMN Overview

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