BPMN with EA: Gateways

tips for modeling BPMN gateways in Enterprise Architect.

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  • The concrete characteristics of gatewaysexclusive, complex, inclusive, parallel or event-based – are either selected in the diagram when the object is created (pop-up menu) or switched (later) via the [Element Properties] view in the [Type] field of the BPMN-specific Tagged Values.
  • Die Anzeige des “X” bei exklusiven Gateways ist explizit über die Ansicht [Element Properties] im Feld [Exclusive Gateway | markerVisible] der BPMN-spezifischen Tagged Values einzuschalten.
  • The display of the “X” for exclusive gateways has to be done explicitly via the [Element Properties] view in the [Exclusive Gateway | markerVisible] of the BPMN-specific Tagged Values.


  • Always turn on the “X” indicator on exclusive gateways.
  • In your modeling guidelines, set preferences and rules that process modelers must always enable to display the “X” on exclusive gateways.

Additional Information: BPMN Reference: Gateways • BPMN Overview

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