BPMN with EA: Participants - Pools and Lanes

tips for modeling BPMN participants in Enterprise Architect.

Display Options: 

  • The alignment of pools and laneshorizontal or vertical – is controlled by an icon in the object selection in the diagram (icon display adjustable in the [Preferences] dialog under [Objects | Show buttons for selected Object on diagram]).
  • The display of pools as a white box (default) or black box is controlled by a BPMN-specific Tagged Value [blackBoxPool], which can be found in the [Element Properties] or [Tagged Values] view.


  • Do not label participants by means of the element property [Name], but assign an element from an organizational model (role, actor), which represents the structure organization, with the aid of the element context menu [Advanced | Instance Classifier …]. This allows the subscriber names to be centrally managed and easily reused.
  • In your modeling guidelines, set the rules and rules for how the process modelers align the participants (horizontally or vertically).

Additional Information: BPMN Reference: Participants • BPMN Overview

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