Checklist for creating accessible PDF documents

PAC2 Pyramide der Stiftung Zugang Für AlleIn this article you will find a useful checklist of what you have to take into account when creating accessible PDF documents.

If the PDF documents are accessible, the following questions should be answered positively:

  • Did all text elements set the correct tags?
  • Is the entire text divided into individual chapters?
  • Are the headings 1-6 assigned to the headings?
  • Is each paragraph marked as a single paragraph?
  • Are all enumerations marked as correct lists (this also applies to nested lists)?
  • Have all data tables also defined table headings?
  • Is the correct reading order defined (primarily in the tag tree, secondary for reflow around the PDF document)?
  • Did all graphics set alternative texts?
  • Are layout graphics in the structure as well as headers and footers in the background?
  • Has the document been assigned the appropriate language?
  • Are necessary language changes (e.g. for single words or entire text sections within the document) assigned?
  • Are bookmarks available for easy navigation?
  • Do defined security settings hinder reading aloud?
  • Are footnotes inline in the text flow?
  • Are there internal references (within the document, such as table directories)?
  • Is there a list of abbreviations and acronyms?
  • Has the document (automated) been checked for various formal defects?
  • Has the document been checked not only by sighted but also blind specialists?

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