Configure database access under 64bit Windows

Enterprise Architect uses databases as a model repository. In the simplest case it is the EAP file (which is nothing else than a renamed MS Access file), but any relational database can be used (there is only for a handful already the prefabricated SQL scripts and appropriate tool support).

Enterprise Architect is also a 32bit application and the 32-bit Windows system files can be found in 64bit Windows in the directory C:\Windows\SysWOW64. The 64bit system files can be found at: C:\Windows\System32 (where C:\Windows is the system root directory).

To access databases, you usually configure an OLEDB driver under Enterprise Architect. If there is no corresponding OLEDB driver, use the OLEDB ODBC bridge and configure ODBC.

Now the trap: in the ODBC configuration you can see both the 32bit and the 64bit drivers (and you can not distinguish them unless you give good names). However, you can only set up the 32bit ODBC configuration 32bit driver and the 64bit ODBC configuration 64bit driver.

And Enterprise Architect works exclusively with 32bit drivers!
In general, the two ODBC configurations are also the same: odbcad32.exe

So please make sure that you have the correct ODBC configuration that allows you to set up drivers for accessing Enterprise Architect model repositories in the SysWoW64 directory.

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