[from EA-16]

With the new scriptlet element you can add dynamic aspects to diagrams.

For example, the results of calculations can always be displayed up-to-date, because the new scriptlets are always executed when the diagram is loaded or updated (of course, scriptlets can also be executed manually if necessary). The entire diagram and element API from EA is available for the scriptlets.

To use scriptlets, the MDG “Scriptlets” must be activated. The model pattern “Scriptlets> Simple” is a good example of familiarization with the topic.

If you want to determine the execution order of the scriptlets, this is done via the Z-order of the scriptlet elements (new in the Diagram PropertyView: Sektion [Objects ZOrder]).

The individual compartments of a diagram object can be controlled using the Show ** Properties – but only if the option [Custom Draw] (in the modal dialog) or [Custom Style] (in the Diagram PropertyView) is activated in the diagram properties.

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