Keystore Troubleshooting

There is no free key, but “nobody” is currently using EA.

  • “Autocheckin” is “deactivated” in Keystore.
  • the expiration duration of the key’s is set to long.

2.) Enterprise Architect show:

Error reading Key Store file: (Access is denied)

  • Make sure you have Read, Write and Modify rights to the whole directory containing the “sskeys.dat” file.

3.) (the classic) Enterprise Architect shows:

Error reading Key Store file: (Key File has been moved)

  • Because the Keystore file contains the hard drive ID and directory ID of the direcoty it was created in, it will get void when moved(only current solution is to create a new key file in the new directory you want and move all keys from the old to the new Keystore file.)

4.) New keys do not increase the key counter in the key store

  • You have added a new Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering or Ultimate key into the key store, but the key counter is not increased. The problem is that you use an old version of the key store. When you buy one of the new EA editions you have access to download the latest version of the key store. If you have further troubles, please contact sales AT sparxsystems eu.

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