Working with the Audit Feature to Record all Model Changes

Enterprise Architect provides two ways to track changes

  • Baselines (create snapshot of a package branch at a specific point in time)
  • Audit (record constantly any change to the model and/or even the whole project)

The Audit feature must be enabled for each Repository (EA Project in a file based DB .EAP or a DBMS)

Go to [Project | Auditing] … this will open the Audit View in the main window.
To enable the Audit View, click on “Audit Settings” .
There are different audit levels. You can look up the details in the EA help (just press the button Help).


When you have turned on Audit, any change will be recorded. Even the change of the project configuration (Audit was enabled) is recorded.




The following properties are recorded: Who, When, PropertyName, Original Value, New Value.

As long as the Audit Window is open, you find an additional tab in the output view. This tab is context sensitive and shows all ELEMENT PROPERTY changes instantly.

Changes to other element information like, Attributes, Operation, Connectors, Tags, etc. can be found in the Audit View window,
also with  PropertyName, Original Value and New Value.
With the Sort By radio button you can show ether all modifications sorted by the user or by the element type, like: Package, Diagram, … Element changes
All changed properties, including Tags, Attribute, Operations, Connector, etc. can be found in the tree on the left hand side of the Audit View.

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