BPMN Import from Camunda/Signavio: Activities with Boundary Events

The Situation

A Business Process Diagram modeled with Camunda Modeler or Signavio. The process flow is in a Lane (“LANE # 1”), whereby at least one Activity (“Activity”) has a Boundary Event (“ErrorEvent”). This diagram is to be imported into the Enterprise Architect.

The Problem

BPMN modeling tools such as Camunda Modeler or Signavio reference Boundary Events as an element contained in a lane (see below, the line marked with red), although basically only the respective activity element is in this Lane and the Boundary Event element is a part (a subelement) this Activity element is.

The BPMN standard does not provide a clear description of how a Boundary Event element should be mapped to Lane affiliation.


The Solution

Remove all bpmn:flowNodeRef lines referencing Boundary Events before importing into Enterprise Architect.

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