BPMN Import from Camunda/Signavio: Font Size in Diagrams

The Situation

A business process diagram modeled with Camunda Modeler or Signavio. This diagram is to be imported into the Enterprise Architect.

The Problem

Like the Enterprise Architect, BPMN modeling tools such as Camunda Modeler or Signavio store the fonts used and their size in the BPMN XML file. If a diagram is imported into the Enterprise Architect, a new diagram is created in which all elements in it are formatted with the font and size specified in the import file. However, this can not be adjusted later with the Default Appereance [F4], but must be carried out for each individual element via the Layout Tools.

The Solution

Revise all omgdc:Font lines before importing into Enterprise Architect. In most cases, it is sufficient to set the size attribute to 8.

The default setting in Enterprise Architect after installation is the 8-point Calibri font.

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