Agile Systems Engineering - Managing Models with Pipelines

Agile Systems Engineering – Managing Models with Pipelines

Trends such as agile development or mass-customization („Lot-Size 1“) require maximum flexibility during production. To cope with the resulting complexity, more and more companies are nowadays using system modeling. Here, products can be managed on a more general level using models. Currently, these models are still considered independently from the rest of the development process. As a result, every change in a model requires several manual steps to consistently perform this change on all dependent development artefacts. This is not practicable any more in an agile development environment.

To cope with this agility, current modeling practices must be enriched with a process view. Therefore, models can be integrated into existing DevOps-processes. In this webinar, we showcase how such a DevOps-solution for models can look like. We will present a Continuous Integration process that uses modeling tools together with Git for versioning and deployment of system engineering models.


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