LemonTree 2.6.5 released

LemonTree – Configuration Management for Enterprise Architect

Do you work in distributed teams on parallel versions and have to comply with standards and regulations (e.g. ISO 26262 etc.) in a comprehensible way? Then LieberLieber LemonTree © is exactly the right solution for you! Many customers in the automotive industry already successfully model with Enterprise Architect and optimize their teamwork and model versioning (Diff & Merge) with LieberLieber LemonTree.




Git also for models:
If you want to use the Git versioning system, you can simply check in your EAP(x) files.
Working with the established GitFlow process is also possible: GitFlow und EA Tutorial

Git Flow Overview


Test the latest version now for free:
Further information can be found on the product page, the current version (which is also a trial version) can now be easily downloade: lemontree.lieberlieber.com

Important features are described on the Help page and the Change Log also provides a good overview of the latest version: help.lieberlieber.com





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