Problem with ActionPin type of CallBahaviorAction on models before EA 14

models created with EA prior EA 14 it happens that CallBehaviourActions that were synchronized with the ActivityParameters of the called Activity, the type of the ActionPin on the CallBehaviourAction is not displayed.

There are several ways to solve this problem:

  1. Manual delete and re-synchronization of the ActionPin at each CallBahaviourAction.
  2. Automatic update of the DB for a selected package using an update script.
  3. Future versions of the EA will probably have a fix in the Integrity Check.

If you don’t want or can’t wait for a new version of the EA, you can use variant 1 or 2. For this we have written a script, which performs the necessary correction in the DB.
ATTENTION: before the script is executed, a backup of the database should be created and tested if the script works with the currently used database.

If you need assistance please write to support @ sparxsystems . eu

Here you can download an empty EA-Repository containing the script. You can now transfer your model into this EA Repository (see EA Hilfe) or download the script and integrate it into your model. The script should be included in a Project Browser Script-Package . Then it can be executed as follows.

ATTENTION: First perform the update on a copy of the model.


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