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Setup Training Licenses

Setting up time-limited Enterprise Architect floating licenses for the duration of a training course.

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EA 12 -> EA 13 Mapping Table

When switching from one version to the next, the menu structure is often revised.

To make the switch from EA 12 to EA 13 as simple as possible, we have created a mapping table.

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EA 13 -> EA 14.1 Mapping Table

Since EA 13 the EA offers the possibility to search for menu commands. Unfortunately, this search does not show where to find the command in the ribbon structure.

Therefore, we have created a translation table from EA 13.5 to 14.1.

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Book: Strategisches Management der IT-Landschaft

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EA FAQs: Enterprise Architect Frequently Asked Questions Teil 6

Unterstützung von XMI in Enterprise Architect
Mit Enterprise Architect haben Sie derzeit die Möglichkeit des Imports und Exports nach und von XMI 1.0, 1.1 und 1.2 sowie einen speziellen Rose Dialekt.
EA unterstützt auch den Import von exportierten Eclipse UML2 (*.uml2) Modellen und von *.emx Modelle aus dem Rational Software Architect (RSA).

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