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The TREX18 MDG (Tom’s Requirement Engineering eXtensions for ISO 9126) represents a standard-compliant extension of the SysML and offers specialized requirement and stakeholder model elements that are based on the ISO Standard 9126.

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eXtending EA: Tagged Values

When you are working with Tagged Values, you can create your own Custom Tagged Values based on predefined, system-provided Tagged Value Types.

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eXtending EA: MDG Technologies

An MDG Technology is a vehicle for providing access to the resources of either a commercially-available technology or a technology that you have created yourself.

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eXtending EA: Profile Helper Properties

The available Profile Helpers Properties support the design of purposeful profiles.

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eXtending EA: Shape Scripts

When you create a shape using a Shape Script, you define the values of the shape using methods.

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eXtending EA: Shape Script Properties

The various properties of the different EA model objects (elements, connectors, diagrams) are accessible in shape scripts via so-called Shape Script Properties.

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Shape Scripts mit Border Layout

Beispiele zum einsatz von Border Layout in Shape Scripts

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Probleme beim Erstellen von MDG Technologies (Language, Diagram, Toolbox Profiles)

Mit Enterprise Architect kann man eigene Technologien erstellen die eine Menge enthalten können.

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Bei meiner Installation EA 8.0 Build 852 hatte ich das TOGAF Framework installiert, dies hat die Erstellung meiner Profile dahingehend beeinflusst, dass sie beim Export nicht richtig interpretiert wurden und somit meine Technologie nicht vollständig war.

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