Setup Signature Check in Windows SendTo Menu

When files are downloaded or received via e-mail, there is always a risk that they contain a pest. It would therefore be practical to have such a file can be quickly checked shortly afterwards … 

The freeware SigCheck, which is part of the Sysinternals Suite by Mark Russinovich, carries out such a check: check the file signature and – that’s new – a query at, a service of Google, where an uploaded file is checked by more than 60 virus scanners or – as here – a uploaded file hash is judged.

The following describes how to configure a check using SigCheck in such a way that only a simple mouse click is sufficient.

How do I do that?

Step 1: Download Sysinternals Suite

Downloa the Sysinternals Suite and install it into a proper path – i.e. C:\utils\sysinternals .

Step 2: Create a batch file

Create a batch file containing:

C:\utils\sysinternals\sigcheck.exe -vr -h %1

and save it using a proper name (i.e. sigcheck.bat). 

Step 3: Configure the SendTo menu

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder which holds the batch file; open context menu for this file and press [Copy]. Start the Windows Run dialog by pressing [Windows+R], enter shell:sendto and press [Enter].

A folder opens, where the shortcuts to the Send To menu are located in the context menu of files and folders. [Rightclick] in free area and select [Paste Shortcut] – finished (maybe you rename the created shortcut).

What has just happened?

From now on, each file can be transferred to SigCheck for quick testing by sending to the menu and you get a command line window with the test results.

Important: On the first call, you must confirm the license terms of Sysinternals as well as by entering [y].

If only one check from fails, your browser will be opened and the page with the test results will be displayed automatically.

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