Training Information

Public and Inhouse Trainings

We can provide training licenses for the duration of the training, which can only be installed by the trainer by means of a USB stick (at the first training day). However, it is quite sufficient for the time of the training to install the 30-day trial version of the Enterprise Architect on the training devices (select „Ultimate Edition“ or „Corporate Edition“ at the first startup of the software).

The following resources are required to successfully complete an individual training session at the customer’s site:

  • Beamer (having VGA or HDMI interface)
  • Flipchart a/o Whiteboard (as well as corresponding colored markers)
  • Per participant: a PC/notebook with a functional installation of the Enterprise Architect version agreed upon for the training


For a successful handling of our interactive online training offers in a virtual meeting room, we recommend the following equipment for the workplaces of the participants.

Some help on the technology we use for interactive online training offers:

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