Modeling Assistents 3.0 released

logo-modellierungs-assistenten Our sister company, LieberLieber Software, has updated their modeling wizards for Enterprise Architect and we now offer them for testing and purchase. From the experience in countless projects, LieberLieber has assembled a package of those assistants who are particularly in demand. So if you want to make your daily work with Enterprise Architect easier, get the Modeling Assistants right now!  

In release 2.7 minor bugs were fixed and some new features were added:

  • Element Delete Controller:
    • When deleting a package, the impact of all contained model elements (with all child elements) is calculated.
    • Ability to open the Impact Analysis dialog without first deleting the model element to see the dependency to other elements.
    • New Impact: Calculation of the dependency if TaggedValues references the model element to be deleted as a value.
    • New Impact: Calculates the dependencies of derived port/part when the original port/part is deleted.
    • Delete multiple elements simultaneously
      • The impact of all deleted items is displayed.
      • Impacts that are cancelled out are taken into account.


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2 comments on “Modeling Assistents 3.0 released
  1. Strathmann says:

    Please sent me the modeling assitants for test purpose

  2. T.Besorna says:

    You can download the software – as written in den article – from