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Information, HOWTOs, tips and tricks to the product “LemonTree” by LieberLieber.

LemonTree 1.5 released

LemonTree – The Diff & Merge Solution for Enterprise Architect.

LemonTree (c) by LieberLieber, the diff & merge solution for Enterprise Architect models, has grown to maturity. It is already supporting a host of customers in the automotive domain, meeting their team collaboration AND versioning challenges.

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Fresh Model Versioning

On September 20th, our sister Company LieberLieber launched their newest product to the public: LieberLieber LemonTree for “Fresh Model Versioning.”

Now, with LemonTree (previously known as “Model Versioner for Enterprise Architect”), the diffing and merging of different model versions has never been so easy. Learn more about LemonTree at the new website and request your personal test version.

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