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Do you know ... the Change/Defect/Issue support?

The Enterprise Architect feature provides assistance in managing changes, defects, and issues.

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Do you know ... the Testing and QA support?

The Enterprise Architect feature provides assistance in creating test cases and test documentation.

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Do you know ... the Task Management support?

The Enterprise Architect feature helps you manage your project tasks.

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Do you know ... the Kanban support?

The Enterprise Architect feature provides you with a method of controlling in project management.

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Do you know ... the Use Case Point method?

The Enterprise Architect Feature offers an effort estimate based on use cases.

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LemonTree 2.6.5 released

LemonTree – The Diff & Merge Solution for Enterprise Architect.

LemonTree (c) by LieberLieber, the diff & merge solution for Enterprise Archit…

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SQL Search: Which InformationFlow relationship uses element X

The EA offers the possibility to search for the model element used in an InformationFlow in the Project Browser.

To do this, select the InformationFlow in the diagram and choose Read more ›

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Modell-Suche in Package-Branch

The Enterprise Architect model repository is a database. Databases can be easily queried with SQL. This results in a wealth of possibilities. A minor problem is recursions! See this blog article.

The structure in the ProjectBrowser – the model tree – corresponds to a parentID, which is stored in the line of the child. To create a recursive query here, we need recursive SQL, which supports some databases.

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Executable State Machine Simulation mit Java Script

The Executable Model Simulation in EA is a powerful tool. In contrast to interpreted model simulation, executable model simulation generates code, which is then executed. The currently executed behavior is then visualized in the EA.

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Diagram Selection - No or Too Few Diagram Types

Sometimes it happens that in the dialog for creating diagram (Add Diagram…, New Child Diagram|…) or changing the type of diagram (Change Type…) the list of diagram types listed under [Type] (eg

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