Reduce costs for SAP maintenance

development has established itself in more and more economic sectors, and is now also used in various scenarios for SAP projects. This means that both development as well as maintenance costs can be significantly reduced. Over its entire lifetime, software costs money; in addition to pure development costs, significant maintenance costs arise during the utilization phase. As soon as the software is in live operation, associated costs are entered under “Software Maintenance” – costs which can reach up to 80 percent of overall lifecycle effort. In a cooperation with german company Gobas, Enterprise Architect was implemented in an SAP environment, facilitated by Gobas q.trans. This has created a bridge of sorts between Enterprise Architect and ABAP OO development in SAP, opening up a very interesting new market.

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One comment on “Reduce costs for SAP maintenance
  1. Rügen25 says:

    Eine schöne Übersicht. Ich denke viele Unternehmen können die eigene SAP Software nicht im Ansatz so genau von den Kosten her einschätzen.