Modeling SysML

In this article, we’d like to give you useful tips and links for more information about modeling with SysML.

Understand SysML as a standard! It is therefore very important to adhere to the meaning of the symbols specified in the specification. An overly individual interpretation of this standard can easily lead to misinterpretations of the target audience. For a uniform application of the various constructs, it is important to familiarize all persons involved in the modeling (analysts, modelers, target persons) with the SysML symbols and to train them with tailor-made training.

Use SysML for what it was made for, namely to model systems and system architectures!

Since SysML contains a large number of diagrams and symbols, it is advisable to make a suitable selection of diagrams and symbols for your purposes and make them binding at the beginning of the modeling (modeling rules and guidelines).

Below are links to specifications and related information, as well as helpful examples:

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