Setup MDG Integration for Visual Studio 2013


At the target system the following products must be installed, ready to use and licensed:
  • Enterprise Architect: version 7.5 or higher Ultimate / Systems Engineering / Business & Software Engineering Edition (only those editions include a valid licence for the MDG Integration Add-In).
  • Microsoft Visual Studio: version 2005200820102012 or 2013 Professional / Enterprise / Community Edition – but no Express editions!
Some versions of Visual Studio doesn’t install the “Team Explorer for Visual Studio” by default; but this plug-in is needed by the MDG Integration Add-In.

First check if “Team Explorer” is installed:

Open Visual Studio.
  1. Open Menu [Help].
  2. Open “About Microsoft Visual Studio”.
  3. Check for an entry like “Team Explorer”: if so, the plug-in is installed and Visual Studio can be closed.
  4. Otherwise a suitable version of the “Team Explorer” bave to be downloaded and installed.
  5. Check again (steps 1-4).

Install Instructions:

  1. Download of the lastest Trial version of “MDG Integration for Visual Studio”.
  2. Make sure that no application instance of Visual Studio or Enterprise Architect is running.
  3. Install the “MDG Integration for Visual Studio” using the defaults.

Check if “MDG Integration for Visual Studio” works:

  1. Open Visual Studio and create a new project.
  2. Attach an existing EA model repository (.EAP file) to the project:
    1. Open [Project] menu.
    2. Choose (new) menu item [Attach UML Model].
    3. Choose option [Attach an Existing Model] and press [OK].
    4. Select an existing EA model repository (.EAP file).
  3. Now we should have the following situation:
    1. A new window “EA Project Explorer” was opened and shows model tree of the selected EA repository.
    2. In “Solution Explorer” window the selected EA repository was added under “Solution Items”.
    3. In the “EA Project Explorer” window all TFS relevant functions are available in the context menu of packages/elements (menu item [Team Foundation Server]).
    4. The Enterprise Architect Applikation application can be started from inside Visual Studio (context menu item [Open in Enterprise Architect] of packages/elements).

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