Enable Auditing Feature for a Repository

Auditing is a repository-level feature that model administrators can use to record model changes in Enterprise Architect. After switching Auditing on, you can view information on changes such as:

Who changed an element? How many elements they changed? When they changed the data? What the previous values were? What type of elements they changed?

Auditing does not record changes to: Document Templates, Model Documents, Baselines or Profiles.

Quick Access: Ribbon: Configure > Model > Audit

How do I do that?

  1. Running Enterprise Architect, open the repository for which the Auditing feature should be enabled.
  2. Select [Ribbon: Configure > Model > Audit] to start enabling auditing process; the Audit View page and the System Output window will be opened.
  3. In Audit View page press [Audit Settings] to open auditing configuration.
  4. In Audit View page enable option [Enable Auditing].
  5. Configure all other settings in Audit Settings page to fulfill your requirements and press [OK] to switch on auditing with the configured options.
  6. Optionally you can close the Audit View page.

What has just happened?

The Auditing feature was activated for all models within the repository. From now on the configured information will be recorded within the repository.


  • The Auditing feature is available in the following editions of Enterprise Architect: Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System EngineeringUltimate.
  • Warning: If you run several editions of Enterprise Architect and you enable the Auditing feature for a repository, so werden all users of Desktop or Professional editions will be blocked accessing this repository! To get access for those users again, you have to disable the Auditing feature in this repository using a Corporate, Business und Software Engineering, Systems Engineering or Ultimate edition of Enterprise Architect.
  • A repository, for which the Auditing feature is enabled, can be used as source in a Project Transfer.

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