Howto host your first EA repository in Sparx Cloud Services

The easiest way to get started with the Sparx Cloud Services zu starten is to create a new file-based EA repository using FEAP format and host it in Sparx Cloud Services.

The Sparx Systems Cloud Services application provides a convenient mechanism for hosting EA models. It provides easy access to them by people within your team and, optionally, to external workers (like customers, stakeholders or consultants).

Essential Steps

  1. Start management application for Sparx Cloud Services (SSCloudServicesClient.exe) on computer running the Sparx Cloud Services (located in subfolder Client within the installation path of the Sparx Cloud Services – i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Cloud Services\Client on default installations).
  2. Enter the hostname together with configured admin-port (localhost:803 on default installations) and the admin-password. Press [OK] to proceed.
  3. To create a new EA repository in FEAP format and host in Sparx Cloud Services press [Add] in the application’s main window:
    1. Enter a name without any white-spaces followed by .feap as file extension.
    2. Press [OK] to proceed.
  4. Now you have to configure your new EA repository:
    1. Select the properly list entry and press [Configure] to open configuration dialog.
    2. It’s important to enable the option [Accept Queries] !
    3. Press [Save] to proceed and confirm the following message using [OK].
  5. To test if all is working we connect to the new repository using Enterprise Architect:
    1. Start Enterprise Architect and select [Datei | Open Project…].
    2. In Manage Projects dialog press [Connect to Cloud].
    3. Enter or select the following information in Cloud Connection dialog:
      • name of connection (Name) for later selection display,
      • name of servers (Server) running the Sparx Cloud Services,
      • nummer of ports (Port) providing the HTTP/HTTPS connection (please note: this is not the admin-port used above to logon the client!),
      • exact (!) name of EA repository created above (Model Name).
    4. Press [OK] to proceed.

Further Information

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