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The Basic key and remote installation

The whitepaper about Enterprise Architect Deployment shows how to install Enterprise Architect on a remote system and how to set a license key.

But it does not show …

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Floating key expiration date

“A floating key has got an expiration date? Why and why didn’t the system give me an reminder so I can purchase a new one!”

We often get this or similar reactions, here now how it really works.

The floating key was enabled b…

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Keystore Troubleshooting

1.) There is no free key, but “nobody” is currently using EA.

  • “Autocheckin” is “deactivated” in Keystore.
  • the expiration duration of the key’s is set to long.

2.) Enterprise Architect show:

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Floating Lizenzen und Keystore

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EA Netzwerk/Silent Installation

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