Problems with standard-compliant connectors?

want to model a standard-compliant relationship between two elements (e.g. in SysML a Satisfy relationship between any model element and a Requirement element), but the Enterprise Architect refuses to do so with an error message?

So that this is still possible, there are two tips for you:

Disable the “Filter to Toolbox” option for the Quick Linker (EA15 only):

If you want to model a new relationship between two elements in a diagram using the quick linker (this is the small up arrow that appears to the right of a selected element), then the “Filter to Toolbox” option is usually activated. If this option is deactivated, all standard-compliant relationships that are allowed between the two model elements (and not only those that are offered in the current toolbox) should (should) be offered.

Disable the “Strict Connector Syntax” option for links:

If the tip above still does not help – for example, because an error has crept into Enterprise Architect – you have the option of configuring Enterprise Architect under [ Ribbon Start: Desktop | Preferences | Left ] to deactivate the “Strict Connector Syntax” option.

But be careful! If this option is deactivated, all checks for standard-compliant relationships will be overridden!

Therefore, this tip should only be used carefully.

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