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Diagramm-Objekt bei Doppelklick im Output-Fenster programmatisch selektieren und fokussieren

With the EA API we can do a lot of automation. For example, we can programmatically select one or more model elements in a diagram. Specifically, we select the graphical representation of model elements, the diagram objects. A frequently used appl…

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Search - Excluded Packages from RTF Reports

Suchen und Finde...
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Verwendung von UML Constraint Elementen

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Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013: Connect and synchronize with TFS

System Requirements:

At the target system the following products must be installed, ready to use and licensed:

  • Enterprise Architect: version 7.5 or higher Ultimate / Syste…
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Neues Projekt aus Projektvorlage erstellen in EA-12

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Kann ich Profile der Relationship Matrix zwischen Projekten exportieren?

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Verteilen von Suchabfragen im Team

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EALogging: Enterprise Architect Logging Addin

Logging in Enterprise Architect is mostly used during import/export and for error handling. To extend this functionality we created the EALogging addin, which utilizes the Enterprise Architect Automation Interface functions and the parameters passed …

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Änderungstabelle der EA Menüs von EA 11 -> EA 12

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