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Modell-Suche Scripten

Sometimes a question can not be answered with a single SQL query. In order to still use the model search, the search can also be scripted.

We write a script (mySearchScript) and programmatically run through the model. In the script itself we can of course use SQL queries (myQuery). The result of the SQL query can be processed further in the script.

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Verteilen von Suchabfragen im Team

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Suchen in Linked Documents

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Find all Base Lines with one klick with a Model SQL-Search

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VB-Script Suche

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Suchen und Finden 3: Finden von verwaisten Elementen (Find Orphans)

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Erweiterte Suche mit SQL und Addin

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Suchen und Finden 2: Enterprise Architect DB-Schema

The scope of the models can quickly become very large, especially in projects in which collaborative work is carried out. To keep the overview, EA offers the Model Search. With the Model Search, models can be searched for in three different ways, …

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Suchen und Finden 1: In welchen Diagrammen wird eine bestimmte Operation einer CallOperationAction verwendet?

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RTF Excludierte Packages finden

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